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Paddle boarding is my reason why.  Every day that the weather allows, I paddle the "big blue" to find my peace.  There is just something about the quiet that only exists on the water that speaks to my heart.  Knowing that an entire civilization exists underneath my board to which I am only an observer gives me great perspective.  And oh - those days that I get to catch a glimpse of those beautiful creatures!  Dolphins, sharks, fish galore, skates, and yes, even a humpback whale have joined me during my morning meditation.  It is my hope that the Water Lili brand brings that peace to you, each and every time you wear our clothes.

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Mermaid Mama's Paddling
Mermaid Mama's on Paddleboard
Mermaid Mama's fun in the sea
Mermaid Mama's on Sunset

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OPERATION SEAS THE DAY -- Mission -- “To organize and facilitate a ‘beach week’ event for our wounded soldiers and their families as a means of showing our appreciation for their service and sacrifice”. It is an annual warrior beach week event held in Bethany Beach, for our Veterans who are recovering from injuries sustained while serving our country, and their families. Families stay in homes donated by local homeowners and provided the resources to experience the BEST of Bethany and surrounding attractions. Local businesses and area residents add to the ‘menu’ of activities and excursions all of which are exclusively available to the Veterans and their families. Locally founded and operated. OSTD is a tax-exempt entity under IRC 501(c)(3). Well in excess of 90% of expenditures ae spent in direct support of our Warrior Families. Go to for more info.


The Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute, Inc. is a non-profit stranding response and rehabilitation organization dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and sea turtles. It is MERR's commitment to contribute to the preservation of these species through research and rescue efforts, and to foster greater understanding and appreciation of these species and their habitat through education and enhanced public awareness. MERR Institute, Inc. is authorized by National Marine Fisheries Service and the State of Delaware to be the official stranding respondents for the Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles of Delaware.

MERR is on call 24/7 to provide rescue and care for marine mammals and sea turtles that might be ill, injured, entangled or otherwise in need.


Operation Seas the Day with Vets and Lili teaching paddle boardingOperation Seas the Day with Vets and Lili teaching paddle boarding...