About Lili

Lili Oller

Lili Oller


with a nostalgic beach town and a confidence in herself.


unafraid of change, willing to chase dolphins as well as a dream.

LILI’s dream was of a seaside experience with clothes, jewelry and accessories that invite women of any age to empower themselves. Women seeking beauty and freedom in their look, clothes with a vibrant female spirit of the feminine Bohemian, of strong women found in boardrooms or beach chairs; classy flow and bold fabrics for any-age. For Lili, her dream included decorating with a purpose using reclaimed reminders of the past- remnants, forgotten objects & dull bits to create anything beautiful. Building her dreams is her partner Bodji, a master craftsman who shapes her vision to structure and materials with magical results.

SOON LILI’s dream was to lure visitors to her boardwalk boutique, WATER LILI, to have fun; with sprinkles of glitter and brash, with feasting on leather and lace, with laughing at peekaboo tops, to even find that perfect, unexpected item. “Wow, that’s for me!” “That’s for my daughter!

LILI’s VISION is for women...

to be positive dressers in unlikely textures, in gem or earth tones, lace or leather as they break boundaries, wear new drape and lengths, for women being comfortable in soft sway of pants, tops that cling or lengthen. But Lili’s dream was larger than herself; her heart opens to the needs of her community, whether furry friends, warrior women, neighborhoods of Puerto Rico, or that of Panama where she was born.

Lili Oller with Gidget

Lili and her dog Gidget

LILI SMILES boardwalk visitors into open-door space with a view of ocean waves. Her shop reflects her love and time spent in nature. Not surprising, the spirit of this dynamic shop embraces the natural world: fluid lines, turquoise & silver shells, the mystique of mermaids, and flags that wave like flowing sleeves. Customers describe her fashions as…
Outrageous! Enticing! Whimsical! Complimentary and comfortable!

LILI journeys..

widely to find goods no one else has- from India, California, New York; once sold, new colors and styles replace them. She created her dream from the sands up, the ocean her inspiration. The ocean is ever-changing, but so is LILI’s LOOK: One day, a vintage American Indian in fringe and turquoise, another day in fur-trimmed coats and a babushka hat, near summer in an edgy body suit and salty hair, or bathing suit with flared caftan, her sparkling eyes behind oversized shades. She wears what she buys for her shoppers. Buy here, take it home, make it yours!

Come meet the adventurous Lili in her surroundings, be infused by her wholehearted love for women and a belief in their potential. Come push boundaries and attempt new approaches to dressing. Meet the woman who defied tradition in Bethany for her year-round dream to grow and blossom, into a popular destination that welcomes and embraces the community, customers becoming friends; a place to share and adopt the spirit of today, a shop for the woman who loves adventure, from dreammaker LILI who believes…